More Religion In America
The New Copernicans Series
This series of short videos explores the nuances of faith, meaning, and everyday life in the 21st century.
An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story
This documentary looks at the teachings of 20th century theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.
Networked Theology: Negotiating Faith in Digital Culture
This book explains how media influences personal theology, providing tips to talk faith online and create a faith-based community response.
Something More
This visually-engaging report highlights 10 innovative faith communities to spark conversation about transforming religion in America. It was written as a follow up to How We Gather .
Politics And The Church
This short e-book outlines IRS standards for congregations to be politically active and maintain their tax-exempt status.
web resource
Pew Research on Millennials
This website offers statistics and information about millennials in a collection of easy-to-read articles.
Faith Communities Today (FACT)
This multifaith research coalition shares data and statistics about vital congregational practices, gathering insights from more than 40 faith traditions in the United States.
The Black Church in the African American Experience
This book offers a history of the Black Church, highlighting intricacies and demonstrating why it has been the most influential institution of the black community.
How Religious Congregations are Engaging Young Adults in America
This resource looks at a multi-faith, comprehensive survey of U.S. congregations and expands it with ten in-depth case studies of congregations with significant young adult participation to identify best practices.
Studying Congregations: A New Handbook
This seminary textbook on "practical theology" will help congregational leaders who want to understand how the congregation functions and how to build on successes.
Another Day's Journey: Black Churches Confronting the American Crisis
This book outlines forms of political-theological orientation in the Black church. Then the author suggests how to mobilize interfaith coalitions that promote "poverty alleviation, racial reconciliation and religious tolerance."
Friendship Ministries
This organization provides resources and evangelism training to reach individuals who have intellectual disabilities.
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