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Christians and Racial Justice: A Discussion Guide
This four-part guide educates about the original sin of America - racism - and invites congregations to reflect. Then it encourages discussion about the church’ s work in racial reconciliation.
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The Work Of The People
This media library provides artistic visuals and creative short films that declare scriptural truth.
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COVID-19: Racial Equity and Social Justice Resources
This list of racial equity resources sheds light on disparities and provides tailored COVID-19 information for Black, Asian, and Latinx- Americans.
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Publicly Engaged Church for Justice and Peace
This ELCA resource hub offers community organizing and advocacy tools for congregations.
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Racial Reconciliation and Systemic Racism
This resource hub educates congregations about racial justice from a faith perspective.
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Racialized Trauma Course
This online course explains racialized trauma that stays in the body, especially as it relates to Black people, White people, police, and communities.
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Shabbat Tzedek: Celebrating Racial Justice
This resource hub helps congregations understand racism and disparities. Then it offers worship tools and information on justice reform.
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Jewish Values and the Coronavirus
This resource hub supports value-based leadership and ethical decision making during COVID-19.
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Church Facility Management Solutions
This Facebook group of facility managers provides peer conversation and resources from Smart Church Solutions.
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